Checking a customer's ID at the point of delivery is expensive, inefficient and inconvenient for both your business and your customers.

VerifyMyAge at checkout

With VerifyMyAge your customers can verify their age at the point of checkout, and they’ll only have to verify once as VerifyMyAge keeps a record of their verification for all future orders.

Some retailers verify the age at the doorstep, which is fine provided the person who made the purchase is also the person receiving the goods. However, that may not be convenient for some consumers. This leads to a situation where retailers should be verifying age at the point of purchase.

The Home Office position regarding the mandatory condition under the Licensing Act and its application to the digital presentation of proof of age.

Doorstep vs VerifyMyAge

Age verification at point of delivery is:


ID on delivery is an expensive additional service required for every delivery, even for repeat customers.


Customers will need to prove their age on the doorstep for every order they make.


Age verification at the point of delivery is only effective if the person who made the purchase is also the person receiving the goods.

Age verification with VerifyMyAge is:

Cost Effective

VerifyMyAge charges a one-off fee for each customer's verification, meaning you won’t be charged again for repeat customers.

Fast and Convenient

VerifyMyAge successfully verifies over 80% of customers simply using their order details, so most of your customers won’t have to do a thing to verify thier age.

Robust & Effective

Verifying age at point of purchase is the only robust and effective form of online age verification.

High pass rates

VerifyMyAge offers a broad range of verification methods. More choice, more passes, more revenue… for you!

Age Estimation

After taking a short selfie video, artificial intelligence indicates whether your customer is aged 25+.

Credit Card

By enquiring into credit card records, we can verify that the card holder is aged 18+.

ID Scan

By taking a photo of a government identity document, we can verify age and authenticity.

Database Check

Capturing information from your customer’s order, our systems can verify your customer’s age.

Mobile Phone Number

Sending a text to a UK mobile phone, we can verify the phone is authorised for use by a person aged 18+.

Instant decision

VerifyMyAge delivers you and your customers instant, friction-free verification decisions - every time.