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VerifyMyAge integrates with your Shopify store seamlessley.
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VerifyMyAge Magento App is in development and will be available soon!

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VerifyMyAge Woo Commerce App is in development and will be available soon!

Instant Decision

VerifyMyAge delivers you and your customers instant, friction-free verification decisions - every time.

Only Pay for Success

We believe you should only pay for success. That’s why with VerifyMyAge you only pay for successful verifications.

Ready In Minutes

VerifyMyAge features direct integration with your existing e-commerce platform so you are up and running in minutes.

eCommerce Age Verification

Seamless age verification for your online store.

Plug & Play

VerifyMyAge integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform, completely removing the need for technical expertise or development efforts.

Analyse &

The VerifyMyAge dashboard provides in-depth insights for your business to convert into confident, data-driven decisions.

The VerifyMyAge

Our mission is to ensure that 100% of your 18+ customers frictionlessly and securely verify their age.

Verified In Less Than a Minute

VerifyMyAge is built with your customers in mind. We've made it super easy to age verify.

Order Details

By capturing information from your orders, our systems can verify your customers age seamlessly.

Verification Methods

If we cannot verify age using order details, your customers will be given a choice between 3 different age verification methods for maximum convenience.

Instant Decision

Your customers will be verified instantly and your eBay orders can be shipped as normal.

Only pay for successful verifications!

Why pay for failure? With VerifyMyAge, you only pay for successful verifications!