The smart way to age verify your customers

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Plug In and Play

Our solution requires little to no technical expertise, meaning, you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Market Places

A fully automated solution built for eBay and Amazon sellers.



Age verify your customers by seamlessly integrating our product with your website.



Integrate the VerifyMyAge API with your website to seamlessly verify your customers with the data you already collect. The API website integration will take a matter of minutes and requires a minimal amount of development resource.

Competitive Prices, Hassle Free and No Commitment

Unlike most of our competitors, we will not tie you into a lengthy contract. With VerifyMyAge you will 'Pay As You Go' and your business will only pay for successful 18+ verifications, this means we are incentivised to get it right.

No Commitment

Competitive Prices

Easy to Use

Only Pay For Success

Ways To Verify

We provide a number of frictionless ways for your customers to prove their age.


Selfie Video

We use the latest technology to scan your customers faces and instantly determine their age.


Database Check

We check if your customers are 18+ by checking public databases like the electoral register. In England the minimum voting age is 18.


Government Issued ID

For businesses that require an enhanced KYC solution, our software will authenticate government issued ID. Coming soon...