Realtime electronic age verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks designed to facilitate a seamless customer experience with reduced online friction and drop off.


Authenticate customers at the point of registration in real-time without disruption to the customer journey.


Using both UK and international premium data sources to provide accurate customer authentication.


Seamless integration with your business and its existing processes delivering instant authentication decisions.

Global Reach

Authenticate customers in the UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Complete Confidence

Utilising independent identity databases, VerifyMyAge provides the required degree of confidence on the names, addresses and date of births of you customers.

Pass Rates

VerifyMyAge uses datasets from Credit Bureau Header Files, National Databases or Credit Applications to provide highly competitive pass rates.

Efficient &

The perfect balance between meeting regulatory requirements and providing your customers with the smoothest and safest experience possible.

Real Time,
Real Fast

VerifyMyAge enables your business to verify the identities of your UK and international customers in a fast and secure, real-time environment.