Integrating VerifyMyAge into your business is quick and easy. You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes.


We automate your entire age verification process so you can concentrate on what you do best - selling!


We ensure seamless integration with every top e-commerce platform with more coming soon. No developer required!

Online Gaming

We offer age verification and KYC solutions designed for both free-to-play and paid online gaming services.

High pass rates

VerifyMyAge offers a broad range of verification methods. More choice, more passes, more revenue… for you!

Age Estimation

After taking a short selfie video, artificial intelligence indicates whether your customer is aged 25+.

Credit Card

By enquiring into credit card records, we can verify that the card holder is aged 18+.

ID Scan

By taking a photo of a government identity document, we can verify age and authenticity.

Database Check

Capturing information from your customer’s order, our systems can verify your customer’s age.

Mobile Phone Number

Sending a text to a UK mobile phone, we can verify the phone is authorised for use by a person aged 18+.

Only pay for successful verifications!

Why pay for failure? With VerifyMyAge, you only pay for successful verifications!


With VerifyMyAge, your customers only have to verify their age once.

Zero Friction

VerifyMyAge removes all friction from age verification - one verification and users are set.


If your customers have previously verified using VerifyMyAge on another site, they will be verified instantly.

Instant decision

VerifyMyAge delivers you and your customers instant, friction-free verification decisions - every time.